"You can see how happy I am to receive your tee shirt and your rock too!"
                 Blessings & Love
Louise L. Hay
Author of international bestseller You Can Heal Your Life, is a metaphysical lecturer
and teacher with more than 40 million books sold worldwide.

"I wanted to say thank you for your inspirational shirt, believe.  I love it and believe that anything is possible!"
Maryann Pastore
Westchester, NY  

“"The t-shirts bring smiles to all who see them, a silent pause, a knowing nod, an
  Ellen Pollack Yorktown,NY

"You have heard of people carrying around there lucky rabbits foot or always putting on there left sneaker first before a big game- Well not me, I am not superstitious but..... when I  have a day ahead of me that would make  Oprah tired, I reach in my closet and put on one of your T-shirts and I don't "hope" I can get through the day- I BELIEVE"
Jennifer Little Yorktown,NY
PS. my daughter did wear hers the day she wanted to beat the girls record for running the mile.

"I love my Believe t-shirt...and wear it when I am inspired by others or when I feel like I can be an inspiration.  It makes an empowering statement.  I wore it at my son's graduation last year...when I was still bald and bandana'd.  I also wore it on the day we all found out that our company was closing and we had to find new jobs.  I think people are inspired by the simplicity of the message and of what it takes to "believe"."
  M A Gmoser Croton, NY

"What a great way to go through the day, wearing this t-shirt and sharing this powerful, positive message to everyone. One of my absolute favorite shirts. I get comments on it every time I wear it."                        Debbie Dring Mahopac,,NY

I wear the believe t-shirt when I go to Sloan Kettering Hospital with my mother, and everybody, nurses and other patients always smile, nod and say "how true".  It helps to get through the day..
                       Jennifer Winton
Mahopac, New York